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Dentist Gordon's Bay | Helderberg Dentists
Dentist Gordon's Bay | Helderberg Dentists
Dentist Gordon's Bay | Helderberg Dentists

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To provide quality dental treatment, using only the best materials and technology, while building a trustworthy, long-term relationship with our patients.

"Appearance does matter.....and remember to smile" - Nelson Mandela

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Gordon's Bay Dentist | Injection Free Dentistry

Injection-free, pain-free dentistry now in South Africa

05 Oct, 2015 .

The revolutionary Biolase laser technology is now available in South Africa

Gordon's Bay Dentist | Dental Scans

New dental scans reduce radiation, improve knowledge

05 Oct, 2015 .

In dentistry, x-ray technology has enabled practitioners to see beyond the solidity of teeth

Gordon's Bay Dentist | Helderberg Dentists


05 Oct, 2015 .

Organiser/Sponsor: Modern Dentistry Media Offering an impressive group of local and International speakers.
Location: Vodaworld , Johannesburg , South Africa

Gordon's Bay Dentists | Helderberg Dentists


25 – 28 June 2014 .

The International Association for Dental Research support and represent the oral health research community and to facilitate the communication and application of research findings.
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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I really would like to thank Helderberg Dentists for all their kindness and professionalism. My husband is a baby when it comes to the dentist and he has been raving about this place and how relaxed they made him feel. I myself am a very bad gagger and just had the best cleaning of my life. Very relaxing.

My recent dental cleaning was a positive experience that was performed in a professional and competent manner. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I am happy with my past visits to Helderberg Dentists and I can't really find any fault with the service or people.

While I have been blessed to have good dentists, this is the first time I have been inspired to express my appreciation beyond the visit. Helderberg Dentists knowledge, experience, recommendations and exceptional work have consistently exceeded my expectations. I very much appreciate their ability to assess and provide a clear understanding of the options available along with recommendations and rationale. And then the quality of work, second to none! Thank you!

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