Dental Fillings

What is Dental Fillings

The foods and beverages we consume will stick to our teeth when we eat or drink. If we fail to clean our teeth properly, these food particles will attract bacteria, transforming into a sticky film substance called plaque. The plaque then produces acid that eats away at our tooth enamel, causing cavities. Over time, the cavities penetrate through the enamel into the dentin (the underlying tooth structure), making dental fillings necessary.

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are a great way to restore a tooth damaged due to decay. Fillings can be made of various materials and are directly inserted into the tooth's cavity to restore its natural shape and function.

There are three main kinds of fillings, namely:

  • Amalgam or silver fillings are durable and affordable but appear more visible due to the dark shade.
  • Gold fillings are one of the strongest options available and are well-suited to the gums. However, they are the most expensive option and require multiple visits.
  • Composite fillings are currently the most commonly used as they can be matched to your natural teeth' colour. They are, however, more prone to staining and chipping away if not properly treated.


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When is a dental filling needed?

Dental fillings are ideal for small cavities in the teeth. Our experienced dentists will do a complete mouth examination and X-rays before confirming the best treatment method.

A crown or other treatment may be more suitable when a large part of the tooth is missing.

What happens during a dental filling?

We will first assess the area and discuss the best material for your needs before proceeding with the filling.

During the procedure, we will clean the cavity and remove any decay and bacteria. The filling material is then added by cementing it or allowing it to harden in the cavity.

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